Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business


New Software Directory will Empower Welsh Businesses


Jo Roberts, Marketing Manager for Superfast Business Wales spoke to Business News Wales about a new digital toolkit directory, launched to help Welsh businesses find the latest software and cloud based services that can support their business.

The digital toolkit for businesses, is a directory full of free and paid for software. Tools which are available in the market covering a range of different topics.

If you're looking for cyber security options that's in there, if you're looking for sales tools, e-commerce platforms, that's all in there. Social Media Management, Project Management tools, H.R. Tools, CRM systems, productivity tools. There's a whole range of things in there that are all in one easy place that you can refer to.

Superfast Business Wales is the digital support arm of the Welsh Government's Business Wales service. Launched in 2016 the organisations aim is to support many businesses and help them to exploit digital as much as they can. To date, Superfast Business Wales as supported over 9000 businesses and also delivered 1 to 1 support to over 6000 businesses.