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The National Training Federation for Wales (NTFW) is a Wales-wide representative body for all those organisations or individuals involved in the delivery of learning in the workplace.

22 December 2023

Navigating Qualifications in Wales: A Conversation with Philip Blaker, CEO of Qualifications Wales


In this engaging podcast by the National Training Federation for Wales, Lisa Mytton, the Strategic Director, welcomes Philip Blaker, CEO of Qualifications Wales.

Delving into the crucial role of Qualifications Wales as the independent regulator for non-degree qualifications in the region, Philip provides insight into the organisations responsibilities, including regulating awarding bodies, overseeing sector reviews, and spearheading the reform agenda in Wales.

The discussion also touches on the impact of decisions made in England on the Welsh qualification landscape, emphasising the need for collaboration and adaptation. Philip elaborates on the risks and opportunities associated with aligning qualifications in Wales with the UK market, shedding light on the efforts to ensure a sustainable and diverse offering for learners.

Furthermore, the conversation explores the recent Vocational Qualifications Review, outlining how Qualifications Wales plans to implement recommendations for achieving parity between vocational and academic routes. Philip discusses the organisation's commitment to bilingual education and adapting to emerging priorities, such as green skills, in the ever-evolving educational landscape of Wales.

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