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Menai Science Park Launches Agritech Cluster

Parc Gwyddoniaeth Menai yn Lansio Clwstwr Agritech



Menai Science Park were this week re-elected as Secretariat for the Welsh Parliament’s Cross-Party Group for Digital in Wales and took the opportunity to officially launch the cluster in the Wales-wide forum, established to ensure that the nation is well-placed to benefit from the opportunities of the digital sector.

In 2020 the UK invested £24 Million in AgriTech projects, leading to many exciting technological innovations in the agricultural sector, and the launch of the AgriTech Cluster will ensure north Wales can capitalise on this, helping the sector grow in the region.

AgriTech is the use of technology and technological innovation to improve the efficiency and output of agricultural processes. In other words, it is the application of technology to improve all elements of the farming and growing processes.

Pryderi ap Rhisiart, M-SParc Managing Director, said:

“We have seen the number of agri-tech businesses and projects at M-SParc increase over the past few months, with some really exciting projects underway involving our tenants, Bangor University, and ourselves, and we are proud to have formally launched our AgriTech cluster in the Welsh Parliament’s Cross-Party Group for Digital in Wales today.

“Our aim is to keep those companies working together, ensuring they have every opportunity to grow in M-SParc, creating commercial products and entering world markets, and of course creating exciting new career opportunities. Where better than north Wales for such a sector to grow?”

“To be re-elected as Secretariat of the Cross-Party Group for Digital in Wales is a very exciting opportunity for M-SParc to be involved in helping to move the digital agenda forward in Wales, collaborating with elected officials and a wide range of experts at the forefront of this field.

“We are involved in many groups and projects in this sector, and feel there is a ‘movement’ developing which we in north Wales can lead from the front on. There are clear opportunities in Digital in Wales across a range of sectors but there are challenges to overcome as well, and this gives us a platform to discuss those challenges and how best to build on the opportunities.”

There are big opportunities for the sector, but also significant barriers to growth – such as funding and skills shortages that the Cluster will discuss and address. The Cross-Party Group on Digital also discussed the lack of adoption and the rate of adoption of the technology as a barrier to growth.

The cluster already has a range of partners from industry and academia including Naturiol, Diagnostig, the Green Eagle, Tech Tyfu, Bi-meda, Dewin.Tech, Micron Agritech and Henfaes – Bangor University, GLL – Glynllifon and BIC Innovation and we invite any companies or partners wanting to join the Cluster to head to today to sign up.

Between these companies and projects there is significant expertise in vertical farming, identifying and managing parasites and pesticides, using AI for various purposes to make agricultural work easier, making better use of marginal land, increasing the potency of certain vaccines, drone technology and more, with the cluster sure to grow rapidly in the future.

For more information on the AgriTech Cluster and to learn about the companies involved and their work, or if you’re interested in joining the cluster yourself, head over to today!