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Life Changing Virtual Programme is Being Offered to 16 – 25 yr olds Across North Wales


Local charity WeMindTheGap launches a new WeDiscover virtual programme supporting young people in North Wales aged 16-25 years old. The charity supports young people to discover more about themselves and the world beyond their front door. By offering interactive group sessions as well as one-to-one mentoring, participants benefit from structure, confidence building, new skills, positive role models and friendship.

The WeDiscover programme supports young people who are:

  • Feeling let down by the system
  • In their bedroom and feeling stuck
  • Struggling to make plans for the future
  • Needing help to decide what their next steps will be

After a successful pilot series in Conwy, the programme has been given funding to extend its reach across the whole of North Wales.

Here’s what some recent participants parents had to say:

‘For me, to hear my son speak to his mentor was amazing, and then in future sessions hearing him laughing literally made me shed a tear’

‘It helped him with so many different areas and built his confidence and self-esteem. The team supported him into joining College in September’.

‘The team have been very helpful and supportive of my child’s autism, Tourette’s and anxiety. They’ve made a big difference to their confidence.’

‘For us as parents, to see our child go from not wanting to talk during sessions, to telling us all about the fun games and chats they’ve been a part of was incredible. We’ve seen a huge change over the few months of WeDiscover.’

The programme attracts local inspirational speakers to share their stories with the young participants; during the next programme, the participants will meet Evrah Rose, a Poet, Author and Activist; Evrah has become a prominent voice in Wales, in both poetry circles and amongst those dedicated to social causes, providing inspiration to students and young people, to promote a positive sense of self and mental health wellbeing, using writing as an outlet of expression.

They will also meet Gavin Eastham, who uses his experience of homelessness and disability to teach young people vital life skills. Gavin is a martial arts instructor and owner of Cobra Life CIC in Shotton. As well as teaching traditional martial arts techniques, Gavin devotes key sessions to life-skills designed to help young people and adults who might find themselves in difficult or problematic situations.

WeDiscover taster sessions will be taking place from September 19, before the programme begins October 3.  To sign up for the WeDiscover programme and for more information, email [email protected] or call 0333 939 8818. Visit