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13 June 2023

IoD Wales Joins Forces with Business News Wales to Amplify the Voice of Industry Leaders in Wales

In a ground-breaking alliance, IoD Wales and independent publisher Business News Wales have solidified a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership, designed to unify the voices of business leaders across Wales and further amplify their voice and influence.

The partnership will see the formation of many specialised industry clusters and events, with the objective of targeting specific challenges facing businesses and then brainstorming effective solutions.

Each cluster, meeting both physically and virtually every month from September, will delve into the primary obstacles their respective sectors face, spotlighting these challenges and proposing solutions and strategies to address them.

The results from each event will then be captured and detailed by the team at Business News Wales. The findings will subsequently shape the editorial theme of the publisher's daily news and industry-specific pages, accurately reflecting the current trends and concerns in the business community in Wales.

Richard Selby, Chair of IoD Wales commented:

At a crucial period when the collaboration between business and government is of paramount importance, the partnership with Business News Wales will help magnify the expertise and understanding of IoD members throughout Wales. This alliance serves to bolster the impact and reach of these business leaders when their insights and contributions are most needed.

Business News Wales has become a respected, wide reaching and trusted resource for businesses in Wales. This combined with its industry led and politically neutral editorial model made it a natural partner for IoD Wales.

Joanna Price, Nations Manager at IoD Wales commented:

Inherently equipped with problem-solving skills, IoD members are ideally placed to offer solutions to the many challenges facing industry. Their united voice, amplified through this collaborative partnership with Business News Wales, holds the potential to instigate impactful transformations across Wales.

Business owners are often best suited to finding solutions to economic challenges due to their knowledge of market dynamics, real-world sector experience and their flexibility and innovation. Business owners are natural innovators, capable of devising novel solutions to challenges and I am excited to see these dynamic groups come together to help find solutions for some of Wales’ biggest challenges.

Mark Powney, Editor and Managing Director of Business News Wales, shared his views on this exciting partnership.

“We have tirelessly worked to position Business News Wales as a reliable resource for businesses in Wales. This collaboration with IoD Wales will strengthen our standing even further.”

The collective knowledge and insight of IoD members and the reach and influence of Business News Wales, will I hope will signify a new step towards better representation and support for the business community in Wales.

The partnership also solidifies our position as the voice of industry in Wales which makes all of us at Business News Wales incredibly proud.



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