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How Communication Technology Can Help Firms Working from Home


Businesses across the UK have been left reeling by the new coronavirus restrictions being put in place across the UK.

The strict national restrictions introduced on November 5 have left leaving executives scrambling to implement measures to maintain productivity from staff forced to work at home.

But agile, secure, and cost-effective connectivity can help companies survive the economic ravages of the epidemic, says business communications experts PBX Hosting.

Founder Stuart Gibson, who has more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, said:

“Many businesses were returning to the relative normality of the office after the blanket lockdown earlier this year began to ease.

“Now companies of all sizes have been forced to suddenly re-evaluate their communications as staff are again forced to work from home.

“Inadequate comms can cripple companies already struggling with the wider economic effects of the virus.

“Customer service levels can fall, orders can go unfulfilled, and opportunities to attract new clients may be lost if your team is not able to co-ordinate as effectively as they do in the office.

“But this doesn’t need to be the case – remote working can be just as effective as being in the workplace with the right technology.”

Coventry-based PBX Hosting offers 3CX, an easy-to-use unified communications platform linking colleagues anywhere in the world.

It incorporates phones, instant messaging, video conferencing, and a host of other advanced features such as automated reporting, call monitoring and assistance, and queue monitoring in one cost-effective package.

Security is also a key concern for businesses because the data shared by unsecured major networking apps is not protected.

3CX provides clients with their own server that is isolated from other customers, so all internal communications are encrypted – unlike other conferencing apps and systems.

“According to research, 91% of companies use at least two messaging apps for internal communications,” Stuart added.

“This goes against the advice of IT managers, who typically want to consolidate platforms for security and user experience purposes. We are proud to offer customers the knowledge they can communicate with confidence.”

The hub of PBX Hosting’s infrastructure is based in Telehouse in London’s Docklands, giving the company direct connections to all the major networks in the UK and internationally. This means customers can enjoy perfect quality and reliable phone calls with automatic back-ups and disaster recovery in place.

Stuart said:

“COVID-19 has accelerated awareness of what systems like ours can do and client enquiries from a wide range of sectors have driven year-on-year growth by 30%.

“Clients have been faced with the urgent need to find a seamless transition from office to home at short notice and we have risen to the challenge.

“Our success has been driven by the simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of our system.

“It is rare PBX Hosting loses a customer – we keep 95% of clients because our system is very reliable, intuitive, and value for money.

“Our team of experts has fielded enquiries from law firms, online retailers, accountants, call centres, hospitality providers, and many organisations of all sizes across the country.

“And we expect more growth as lockdown eases because a lot of executives have realised they don’t need office space. There are cost savings to be made if people base themselves at home in the future.”

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