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6 June 2024

How A Servitization Model Can Help Boost a Business

A Swansea University graduate has launched a book which could help businesses ‘reshape the industrial landscape’.

Servitization Strategy is co-authored by Dr Kawal Kapoor, who studied for her MBA and PhD in business innovations at Swansea University.

Servitization is a business model which sees customers pay for a service rather than buying the equipment.

According to the book’s synopsis:

“Servitization offers businesses a pathway to both improve economic productivity and sustainability. It can create greater value for customers, while also improving resource efficiency and dematerialisation of the supply chain.

“It has the potential to reshape the industrial landscape for businesses, markets, and consumers around the world.”

Business News Wales spoke to Kawal about the book and about what servitization could mean for a firm’s revenues, productivity and sustainability.


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