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FSG can Look After All of your Facility Services Needs 24/7, 365 Days a Year



As homeowners we are used to calling out the plumber, electrician, builder or gas engineer when we have a problem that needs dealing with. For many businesses, however, the list of things that need looking after in their premises can be extensive, and the legal requirements considerable. DIY is not an option in such circumstances.

That’s where facility management comes in, and for many businesses that means outsourcing their requirements to a facility management company like FSG.

Facility Services Group (FSG) is a comprehensive facility management company. Its based in Swansea but also has an office in Cardiff and covers the M4 corridor from Haverfordwest to the border and on into south-west England.

The company provides a wide range of services from electrical and mechanical to air conditioning, grounds maintenance, window cleaning, pest control and many others. It really is the only place a business needs to go for their FM requirements, whether that is bespoke FM package, a one-off project or an integrated FM service.

The company was set up in Swansea in 2007, having identified a gap in the market for a fully comprehensive service that would eliminate the need for customers to ring different tradespeople and service providers to deal with their facility management problems.

For FSG’s customers, there is only one number they need to call, whether they need to have their lighting fixed, their boilers or air conditioning serviced, their grass cut or windows cleaned, FSG can also help. It provides an emergency 24/7 call-out service as well as carrying out routine maintenance tasks.

One customer had reason to be grateful for FSG’s speedy response when snow caused flooding in their building.

Sian Majoe, Director of Parkway Clinic in Swansea’s SA1, said:

“During the cold spell when it was snowing we had a leak, which started in the top floor of the building which is the plant room. The whole place was waterlogged from top to bottom.

“The first thing we did was call FSG. They were here within half an hour and they were here all night with us.”

Sian added:

“When we walked in here and saw the water and the mess it had made, we thought we were going to be closed for months. But with the help of FSG and the equipment they were able to bring in, we were able to reopen within three days.”

Dale McCarthy, Facilities Manager at Cardiff’s Eastern Business Park, uses an electric logging system which makes it easier for people at the park to request facilities work be done. Once a request has been made and approved by Dale, it is picked up by FSG who send someone out to do the work.

“It’s a simple process and everything seems to be done a lot quicker since we’ve both been using e-logbooks. We’ve had leaks, power outages, floods, all kinds of things going wrong, and FSG are always here in time and getting on top of the work as needed,” Dale said.

FSG has continued to provide the services its customers need throughout the pandemic. As we look forward to an easing of restrictions and more people returning to work in offices and other workplaces, the company will be ready to tackle any emergency or routine tasks it is called upon to undertake.