Showcasing the Best of Welsh Business

Free Welsh Translation Services Offered to Businesses Across Wales


The Welsh Government has launched a new service to show how using just a little bit of Cymraeg can make a big difference to your business.

Helo Blod

Helo Blod encourages small and medium business owners to add Cymraeg to their business in the way that’s best suited to them.

Minister for Welsh language, Eluned Morgan said,

We have developed new initiatives across a wide range of domains specifically aimed at achieving the Welsh Government’s target of doubling the daily use of Welsh by 2050. That’s why we’ve launch the Helo Blod service because by using just a little bit of Welsh can make a big difference to your business. Our goal is to see more Welsh in places that we go to every day, from your local shop, to the bakery or hair salon.

Helo Blod is here to help you find your voice and make the language more visible in your business. Just get in touch with Helo Blod and join the hundreds of people who have already benefited from this free service.

Businesses can use the service to get free advice and translations of up to 500 words per month, free of charge. This might include helping with the translating of social media posts, menus, business cards, signage, and anything else businesses might want. If businesses are already using Welsh, Helo Blod can also text check up to 1,000 words each year for free.

There are of course limitations, but Helo Blod’s mission is try and help as many businesses as possible embrace and uptake Welsh into their everyday activity.

So what exactly can Helo Blod do for those who are eligible?

  • Helo Blod can help with translating anything* your business wants such as menus, business cards, signage etc within 4 working days.
  • Helo Blod can text check and tidy up any Welsh copy you’ve written and send it back to you within 4 working days
  • Helo Blod can send out useful resources like Ar Agor/Ar Gau/Open/Close door signs, lanyards and badges that let customers know who can speak or are learning Welsh.
  • Helo Blod can offer practical advice, guidance and support to support your business use a little (or a lot) of Welsh. They can also put you in contact with your Helo Blod Local officer to offer you virtual support.

Helo Blod is keen to Showcase why Welsh in business is good for business as part of the Welsh Government’s Project 2050, working to double the daily use of Welsh by 2050.