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Exploring the Role of Nature in Climate Resilience


Working with nature, rather than against it, is an important route towards preserving the climate and achieving net zero in Wales. Thursday’s series of events for Wales Climate Week will explore the most effective actions, on land and at sea, to reduce the impact of climate change.


First up is ‘resilient seas’, and how the seas can be a vital ally in achieving a decarbonised and resilient world. This session will cover the impacts of climate change on the sea and its ecosystems, mitigation of climate change impacts by blue carbon habitats, sustainable use of the seas and what everyone can do to help safeguard this natural resource.

Then, the focus will move towards nature-based solutions – from outlining Wales’ first National Peatland Action Programme to sharing a new report commissioned by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which evidences new ways that nature-based solutions can impact climate.

Farming will also play a crucial role in promoting sustainable land use, which will be discussed during the third session of the day. Panellists will discuss how to integrate trees into farming systems, improve farming’s productive efficiency, the role and use of carbon calculators, grazing for biodiversity, sustainable food security and the opportunities and risks of the carbon market.

The fourth session will look at some of the most exciting research projects taking place in Wales – such as developing salt marshes to reduce coastal flooding and vegetation in urban areas to reduce urban heat islands – which is making a genuine contribution to tackling the biggest challenge we face.

Session five will echo this research and focus specifically on wetlands and the benefits of safeguarding these for the local wildlife. Particular emphasis will be given to the protection and expansion of Sites of Special Scientific Interest across Wales and a £200m investment in our rivers over the next four years.

Lastly, speakers will outline and understand what needs to happen for Wales to be ‘globally responsible’ – from eliminating tropical deforestation from Wales’ economy to learning from other countries best practice.

You can watch all the action live and on catch up on the COP Cymru website.