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4 January 2024

Empowering Wales for a Sustainable Future: The Net Zero Academy’s Role in Green Skills Training

In a bid to support Wales in achieving its net-zero targets, Jayne Jones, Head of Business Development at NPTC Group of Colleges, sheds light on the collaborative efforts of the Net Zero Academy.

Recognising the complexity of the net-zero landscape, the academy unites various stakeholders, from government bodies to industry associations and training providers. Jayne emphasises the importance of shared knowledge, manifested in a comprehensive online knowledge base regularly updated with insights from governmental and specialist organisations.

The Net Zero Advisory Board, comprising CEOs from diverse organisations, focuses on identifying skill gaps and evolving needs within businesses. As Jayne notes, many SMEs are uncertain about navigating the transition to net zero. The academy's approach involves tailored consultations with businesses, offering not only training but also crucial guidance and referrals to relevant organisations.

Jayne highlights the financial benefits of green skills training, emphasising how it can mitigate costs and contribute to businesses' resilience amid economic challenges. She passionately advocates for the academy's role in preparing the workforce for upcoming projects like the Celtic Freeport and offshore wind initiatives. In her view, the Net Zero Academy's efforts play a pivotal role in realising a sustainable and low-carbon future for Wales.

About the Wales SME Climate Taskforce

The Wales SME Climate Taskforce is a collaboration which aims to help SMEs see climate action as a priority and a key part of resilience planning, and to signpost them to support which could help them to take action and to unlock the potential benefits.


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