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10 August 2023

Empowering the Workforce: Cardiff Capital Region’s Digital Skills Bootcamps

Clare Allen, the Skills Project Manager at Cardiff Capital Region, talks to Business News Wales and sheds light on the ever-growing demand for digital skills in the region. Employers have expressed their struggle in recruiting talent with advanced digital expertise, with 41% facing challenges in addressing this skills gap in 2021.

In response to this pressing need, CCR Venture Graduates has taken the initiative to partner with three training providers in the region. Together, they have developed comprehensive bootcamps focused on data, digital, and cyber skills. These transformative bootcamps are set to commence on September 4th, with an official launch at Principality Building Society's Conference Centre.

Each engaging bootcamp will host 20 graduates in a three-week program that combines networking opportunities with intensive skills training. The goal is to equip local university graduates with the practical skills required to smoothly transition into the professional environment and apply their academic knowledge effectively.

For businesses seeking digital, data, or cyber talents for their current or future requirements, these bootcamps present an excellent opportunity. By participating in the program, businesses can tap into a network of like-minded organisations committed to securing top-notch talent and working collectively to address the region's skills shortage.

The digital skills bootcamps serve as a vital cornerstone in building a skilled and adaptive workforce, empowering both graduates and businesses alike.

As Cardiff Capital Region takes proactive steps towards bridging the digital skills gap, the future of the workforce looks promising and prepared for the demands of the digital age.

 To register your interest in ‘Venture into…’ bootcamps, sign up here


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