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Degree Apprenticeships: Breaking the Stigma

Degree apprenticeships present a wonderful opportunity for those looking to further their education and gain practical work experience hand-in hand.

Being designed to provide a combination of academic knowledge and on the job training, it enables individuals to develop the valuable skills and experience they need to progress in their chosen careers.

Dr Martyn Jones, Senior Lecturer and Head of the degree apprenticeship programme in mechanical engineering at Glyndwr University, spoke to Business News Wales to highlight why he believes there isn’t a stigma surrounding degree apprenticeships, the overriding benefits for those in industry pursuing one, how it still qualifies as a full Bachelor’s degree and the importance of accessibility and why it isn’t necessarily true that you need high grades to be accepted onto the degree apprenticeship programme.

Programmes available from September 2023 include; mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, production engineering and low carbon energy, efficiency and sustainability – with Glyndwr being the only university in the region to offer that programme.

For more information on studying a degree apprenticeship at Glyndwr University, visit the Degree Apprenticeship page


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