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As part of our daily insights podcast series, Business News Wales Editor, Mark Powney speaks to leaders and influencers from across Wales. Covering a range of topics within the Welsh business community. The series aims to showcase the vast amount of innovation, development and achievement that is constantly taking place within Wales.

Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) has launched “Connected”, the first in a series of three analytical reports designed to provide robust and reliable data on a series of economic, social and environmental indicators to better understand the performance of the region.

The Importance of the foundational economy and its link to economic prosperity for Wales is clear, but how does this dovetail into the climate emergency, social enterprise and changes in procurement?

What is ethical banking and how is it different from the traditional model? Is it the solution to growing a more sustainable Wales?

The Welsh Economy grew by 2.3% in 2018 making Wales the fastest growing nation across the UK. Why is the Welsh Economy so resilient and is Wales ready to compete on the international stage? What are Welsh Government priorities in regards to the renewables industry, social enterprise and of course the M4 relief road alternatives?

The Swansea Bay City Deal is looking for a new programme director. Who is the idea candidate and what expectations are in place? Is it too late for regional partners to submit new projects or is the window very much open? and what’s the latest update regarding the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon? What could go wrong this time around and what are the chances of a positive announcement in the autumn?

Is there still time for Pembrokeshire to get a bigger slice of the Swansea Bay City Deal? Could the region become the green capital of Europe and how important is digital infrastructure to the future Pembrokeshire economy

Brexit is a topic that finally appears to be coming to a conclusion, but what next? Will the Welsh economy continue to grow, what sectors need more support than others and how will the welsh economy develop over the next decade.

Starting a business can be a daunting task. But what does it take to get your business rolling? What characteristics do you need to survive? What makes the difference between success or failure? Is it luck, hard work, or do you make your own luck?

The UK Government have recently released their latest green finance strategy, but what does this mean and is it fit for purpose? What about Wales, as the first country in the world to adopt a future generations act? Are we really ahead of the game? What about our local authorities… is there a national waste management plan if not why?

The FSB Business Awards are now open for Entry, who can apply and how are the awards judged? What message does the FSB have for the new UK Government? How is the welsh economy performing and what will Wales look like in 10 years?

The First Economic Intelligence Wales’ annual report has now been published, What is Economic intelligence Wales and what is its purpose? How important is it that we keep a close watch on our SME sector in Wales? and what international trends could affect the Welsh economy going forward.