Daily Insights Podcast
Professor Stuart Cole CBE, University of South Wales


As part of our daily insights Podcast Series, Business News Wales Editor, Mark Powney spoke to Professor Stuart Cole from the University of South Wales

With record levels of investment going into Wales' transport network, what is on the horizon for commuters?  What about our bus networks, are they facing financial ruin or is there a plan to save them? What about our taxi industry and the disruptive force of uber? and of course there is the controversial M4 relief road, was it the right decision and what are the alternatives?

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About Stuart Cole

Stuart is Emeritus Professor of Transport. Prior to that he was the first director of the Wales Transport Research Centre (2001) at the University of Glamorgan. Stuart was previously the first Director of Transport Research and Consultancy (TRaC) (1989 – 2001) at the University of North London (now London Metropolitan) which he joined in 1979.

Stuart is acknowledged by Parliament, the National Assembly and Government as one of Wales’ and UK’s leading experts in transport economics and policy.

Stuart has nearly 40 years of experience spanning local government, private sector and academic roles. He formerly worked for Cheshire County Council’s Transport Unit as Economic Advisor,

In his parliamentary work Stuart has regularly given oral evidence and produced reports for members. He has also given evidence to the House of Lords, House of Commons, the Richard Commission, Downing Street ‘Think-Tank’ etc on topics such as governance of transport in Wales and rail investment.

He also has a knowledge of transport planning in the EU member states through his transport work for the European Commission. He brings a working knowledge of both private and public sector transport operators / bodies in Wales, UK, Europe and North America. He therefore understands their sometimes differing credentials.

This practical approach reflects his use of a private sector, government and academic backgrounds (he has served in all three) to achieve relevant and practical solutions to transport and planning policy.