Daily Insights Podcast
Dr Debbie Garside PhD, CEO of GeoLang


As part of our daily insights Podcast Series, Business News Wales Editor, Mark Powney, spoke to Dr Debbie Garside PhD, CEO of GeoLang

As the economy propels itself further into the world of digital, data security is a topic that is on the agenda of many organisations across Wales. In fact Many people refer to data as the new oil ….but What does the future look like and what are the main threats that exist for businesses large and small? What about the public sector in Wales?….. are our local authorities on top of data security? and how does Wales compare with the rest of the UK?

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About Dr Debbie Garside

With over 25 years experience as Managing Director of her own companies in various fields, Debbie is known as a serial entrepreneur and an innovation engineer. Adept at identifying problems and engineering solutions via a holistic approach, Debbie has personally written UK and international patents for her CAPTCHA invention. Debbie was selected as the First Prince of Wales Innovation Scholar in 2009 and her PhD thesis was entitled Human Visual Perception in Cyber Security

. Advisory Board appointments past and present include: member of the KTN Defence and Security AB, HPC Wales AB, Wikimedia Foundation AB. A principal UK and International expert in language encoding, Debbie was a BSI Chair and former ISO Convenor, until recently Debbie was also Editor of two International Standards, a named contributor to several IETF RFCs, has been active within ICANN’s General Assembly.