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Established in 1998, Box UK’s track record of success spans hundreds of high-priority and mission-critical software projects, delivered over more than twenty years.

A focus on heavy-use, multi-user platforms has given us deep experience in creating scalable, resilient and high-transaction systems for clients across the globe.

30 May 2022


The pandemic marked a watershed moment for digital change with businesses across all industry sectors adapting rapidly to manage their operations and serve customers digitally.

Yet whilst digital transformation was deemed a priority for investment, many are now questioning how sustainable and profitable their technology choices really are.

To make sense of all this Business News Wales have launched a new discovery series with BoxUK, to consider all aspects of digital transformation through the lens of business evolution, and address some of the key questions business leaders are asking to understand what digitalisation means for them and how they can recognise a sustainable impact from their technology investment.

In this second episode Business News Wales editor is joined by Operations Director, Paul Evans and Management Consultant, Andrew Beaney of Box UK to evaluate what success looks like when embarking on your digital transformation journey.

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