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Established in 1998, Box UK’s track record of success spans hundreds of high-priority and mission-critical software projects, delivered over more than twenty years.

A focus on heavy-use, multi-user platforms has given us deep experience in creating scalable, resilient and high-transaction systems for clients across the globe.

6 December 2023

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Box UK, a leading digital consultancy specialising in digital strategy and user-centric software design and build, is pleased to announce its selection as a supplier on the Welsh Government's Communication and Marketing Framework. Box UK has been chosen to provide services over the next 4 years under Lot 2, focusing on Digital Services, which encompasses expertise in digital strategy development.

The Communication and Marketing Framework is intended to procure services aimed at promoting Wales within the country, the UK, and overseas. It will be utilised by both the Welsh Government and Welsh Public Bodies.

This appointment to the framework allows Box UK to contribute its extensive knowledge to the Welsh Government and reinforces its commitment to contributing to the growth and promotion of Wales through digital.

Box UK's track record of success in working with the Welsh Government includes its longstanding partnership with the Welsh Government's Directorate of Tourism, initiated in 2020. Through the delivery of an exceptional digital experience via and, Box UK contributes approximately £6.3 billion annually to the Welsh economy. Working as an extension of the brand, digital, and content teams at the Welsh Government, Box UK provides digital strategy services, web design and build, user research and usability services, and website maintenance. This collaborative partnership has expanded to include Study in Wales, Trade & Invest, Creative Wales, and Travel Trade & Business Events.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a key supplier on the Welsh Government's Communication and Marketing Framework,” said Claire Aspinall, Chief Growth Officer at Box UK. “Our longstanding partnership with the Welsh Government underscores our dedication to supporting the growth and promotion of Wales through digital channels. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts and contributing to the success of strategic projects that drive digital transformation and elevate Wales on the global stage.”

In addition to its work with the Welsh Government, Box UK has also partnered with other public sector organisations, including Public Health Wales, National Assembly for Wales and Cardiff University, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the public sector.

About Box UK:

Box UK is a leading digital consultancy that specialises in digital strategy and user-centric software design and build. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Box UK collaborates with organisations to transform their digital presence, drive growth, and achieve their business objectives.

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