COVID-19 Will Bring Positive Digital Change to Business Globally


Rob Dance, founder and CEO of technology management consulting firm ROCK, is certain that the coronavirus outbreak will encourage numerous businesses to embrace new digital practices – and that they’ll benefit greatly from doing so.

Whilst there can be little doubt that the outbreak of COVID-19 has presented a significant challenge to many businesses, an award-winning entrepreneur is certain that it will also force them to adopt new digital practices that will benefit them moving forward.

Rob has noted that whilst the ongoing pandemic has initially forced businesses to review their practices to enable remote working for their employees, it will drive more meaningful and positive change long term.

ROCK have seen a significant increase in enquiries concerning collaboration tech and remote working practices in recent weeks. Mindful of the urgency with which our clients required solutions, we have – contrary to the downturn witnessed by the majority of businesses – observed one of the busiest periods in our history.

“We’ve been on the frontline for businesses in recent weeks and have helped multiple clients across the globe make the changes needed to work remotely and efficiently,” Dance said.

“I believe that organisations will now look to review their digital practice and give greater thought to how they can use technology to improve their processes and offerings,” Dance added, going on to state “there’s been a lot of talk about collaboration solutions recently, but there’ll soon be a lot of discussion about cloud tech, AI, automation, big data and analytics, and how these can tangibly improve businesses’ performance.

“We know that organisations are now operating within uncertain terrain. They’ll therefore need to scrutinise their practices and determine where improvements can be made. Those that identify how they can use this sort of technology effectively are going to be the organisations that will quickly adapt and rise to the challenges we currently face. They’ll also be the organisations that thrive in the not too distant future.”