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5 October 2023

Contributing to a More Sustainable Future for the Aeronautical Industry

In a recent interview with Rob Bolam, a reader in Aeronautical engineering at Wrexham University, we gained insight into the groundbreaking Fast Fan Project. This venture, born out of a Welsh Government initiative to achieve net-zero emissions, seeks to revolutionise aircraft propulsion.

Traditional hub-driven propulsive devices limit both speed and energy efficiency. However, the Fast Fan, a rim-driven fan, offers a remarkable solution. By channelling high-pressure airflow, it enables speeds approaching sonic velocity, essentially creating an electrical jet engine. The project, a collaboration between six industrial partners, has already produced a prototype, with plans to transition it from a lab setting to flight testing.

The environmental benefits are striking – zero emissions, exceptional efficiency, and a pivotal step towards sustainable aviation. As the aviation industry increasingly embraces electric propulsion, the Fast Fan is positioned to power high-speed aircraft, including regional airliners and business jets.

Wrexham University's commitment to community engagement and training ensures a bright future for aeronautical innovation. Through partnerships and cutting-edge research, the Fast Fan Project is steering aviation into a more sustainable and efficient era.

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