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Collaboration: The Connective Tissue for Career Development


The past year has seen a turning point for many when considering their current or future careers. The opportunity to reflect on one’s own work purpose has been recognised by many, creating a profound impact on how we evaluate future career opportunities.

iungo solutions, ( iungo meaning ‘to connect’), looks to create that necessary connective tissue between government, employers, and training providers, in order to create a landscape where career progression is fully inclusive and provides a varied approach to those who might have previously not had support.

Business News Wales spoke to Jessica Leigh Jones, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of CareerTech start-up, iungo solutions, about her own journey and her vision to unlock future talent and help to progress the careers of many.

“Everyone is an apprentice, we are always learning and trying to better ourselves” says Jessica.

Jessica’s passion for education and providing opportunities to those who may not have had them previously due to social and economic factors, backgrounds or other circumstances, is more than evident.  The ethos of collaboration that iungo has is a great one, and the Apprenticeship in Engineering Entrepreneurship is a prime example of this, which she describes further in the interview.

Please click below to listen to Jessica Leigh Jones discuss the future of work being purpose led, her advice to young aspirational women, and how she believes that we need to push the boundaries of imagination with respect to apprenticeships.