Carwyn Meets:
Lyndon Wood, CEO of Moorhouse Group


Carwyn Jones Meets Lyndon Wood

In this episode, Carwyn sits down with Lyndon Wood, CEO of Moorhouse Group

Lyndon started in 1990, aged just 19. He was struggling financially and had to live out of his car when he landed a commission only insurance job. He had no experience in the industry but needed a wage to support his family.

Nine months later he decided to take control of his career and started constructaquote. It took a lot of persuading to get insurance companies to trust this rookie, but when Lyndon won his first insurer over, others soon followed.

By the time Lyndon was 26 he was a millionaire, and by 28 he was a multimillionaire. He hasn’t looked back since.

Lyndon is a serial entrepreneur and since starting has also launched other businesses including Xbroker, Sunzu and CuriousHow.

In 2012, Lyndon wrote a book called Diary of a Fortune Hunter, which gives the reader week by week business advice based on Lyndon’s experiences launching and growing

He also had a Sky TV show based on his book, aptly called Fortune Hunter TV. The show aired on Sky TV every Tuesday and joined Lyndon as he chatted to business gurus or fellow successful entrepreneurs about the lessons they learnt through building their businesses, and guidance for budding start-ups just starting their journey into the world of business.

Lyndon is dedicated to commerce and entrepreneurship and is proud that supports UK tradesmen and women, and independent companies to properly insure and protect their businesses. is based in Caerphilly in south Wales, Lyndon’s home town, and employs over 100 people.


Carwyn Jones was born in 1967 and was educated at Brynteg Comprehensive School, Bridgend, the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and the Inns of Court School of Law, London. Prior to his election, he was a barrister in chambers in Swansea specialising in Criminal, Family and Personal Injury Law and a professional tutor at Cardiff University Law School.

Carwyn has served as a Bridgend County Borough Councillor and was Chair of the County Borough Council Labour Group. He has been a Labour Party member since 1987 and played an active role in the ‘Yes for Wales’ campaign.

Role in the Assembly

As well as representing his constituency of Bridgend in the Assembly, Carwyn has also fulfilled a number of different roles within the cabinet. Carwyn was appointed as a Deputy Secretary in March 2000 and replaced Christine Gwyther as Agriculture and Rural Development Secretary on the eve of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show in July 2000.

In March 2002 the role of Business Minister was added to his Rural Affairs portfolio. In June 2002 he was appointed Minister for Open Government. In May 2003 he was appointed Minister for the Environment, Planning and the Countryside. In May 2007 he was appointed Minister for Education, Culture and the Welsh Language and from July 2007 was appointed Counsel General and Leader of the House.

Following the retirement of Rhodri Morgan AM in December 2009, he was appointed First Minister of Wales. He was appointed to the Privy Council on 9 June 2010. Following re-election to the National Assembly for Wales in May 2011, Carwyn Jones was re-appointed First Minister by Her Majesty The Queen, following nomination by the National Assembly for Wales.

Carwyn joins Business News Wales as a Senior Consultant, bringing his considerable knowledge to the Publisher.

His interests include sport, reading and travel. He is a fluent Welsh speaker.


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