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BNW’s Team on International Women’s Day


Women represent the majority of staff at Business News Wales. Here they discuss what International Women’s Day means to them and why valuing women in the workplace is so important

In our coverage of International Women’s Day today CBI Wales Chair Kathryn Roberts points out that boosting gender diversity in the workplace is good for business.

There are “too few women” in the UK business community, she says. “We live in a society where there are lots of women in classrooms, but far too few in boardrooms […]  In a business community where access to people and skills is one of the biggest concerns, that means a lot of talent is being left by the wayside.”

However, that’s not the case here at Business News Wales, where women make up more than 60% of the staff and their talents are helping to drive the business forward as it scales rapidly.

Head of Marketing and Production Rachel Jones has worked for the company since its inception seven years ago. “Business News Wales has allowed me to grow my career in a way that fits around my life. Work-life balance is important here, and that makes an enormous difference to all staff – but especially women,” she says. “International Women’s Day offers a moment to reflect on the value women bring to businesses and public life, and the need to continue to change and adapt ways of working to allow women to continue to shine.”

Operations and Team Support Executive Natalie James joined the company in January. “Having the opportunity to work alongside such an established Welsh company, with a great future ahead of it, is a really exciting time,” she says. “It’s great to work for a company that places such a focus on and trust in women. It’s been amazing to hear and read the stories featured in our IWD coverage today, and be part of the agenda for change.”

Office Manager Terianne O’Sullivan has often been described as the “engine” of business during her five years at the company. She ensures all aspects of the operation are working together. “International Women’s Day is a great way to shine a spotlight on the value women bring to the workplace and ensure that their contributions are not only valued but actively sought out,” she says.

Editor Sally Hales joined Business News Wales in January. “It’s been inspiring to hear the stories of businesswomen and leaders in Wales featured in our International Women’s Day special edition. While there remains much work to do, it’s clear that Welsh women, Welsh businesses and the Welsh government are hungry for change, and that the future for women in Wales looks brighter than it ever has been before.”