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Blockchain Traceability in the Halal Market to Boost Welsh Economy


A UK based blockchain-inspired technology company, and Prime UK, a Cardiff-based compliance services provider, have announced their successful funding for a pioneering halal meat traceability project awarded by Blockchain Connected, and funded by the Welsh Government.

Red meat production makes up nearly half (43%) of the value of Wales’ entire agricultural output. The first of its kind in Europe, the project will look to drive local and global certification schemes as well as increase the traceability and impartiality for the halal meat market, by creating a platform that builds bonds of trust through improved verification and accountability.

Over the next three months, iov42 and Prime UK will collaborate on the creation of a purpose-built data sharing platform that will generate permanent, secure historical records for the accreditation bodies, certification bodies, inspection bodies, testing laboratories, the regulators, local authorities, their suppliers and customers and support product provenance tracking and halal compliance. This type of technology is critical in addressing challenges around ensuring  a product is halal compliant, from farm to table.

Avril Lewis, Managing Director of Technology Connected, said: 

“The potential for blockchain is unlimited and universal, yet not well understood. As part of the Technology Connected family, Blockchain Connected is building the blockchain community in Wales. We are developing awareness, promoting blockchain’s impact and championing its needs. The Blockchain Demonstrator Challenge Fund projects, such as the innovative collaboration between iov42 and Prime UK, will help to demonstrate the potential of blockchain and showcase Wales as a growing centre of excellence for its applications.”

Akbar Ali Chaudhry, Technical Director at Prime UK said:

“We were looking for a pioneering technology partner to help us instil trust in our certification journey and to improve the reliability of provenance for the halal market. We’re thrilled that Blockchain Connected saw the potential of this collaboration and we can’t wait to create a solution that will ensure maximum trust and reassurance within the halal industry.”

David Coleman, Chief Product Officer at iov42 said:

“Our technology was designed to help improve traceability in industries just like this. Prime UK is the ideal partner to demonstrate how Distributed Ledger Technology can be used to build business and consumer confidence, and inspire cross-industry traceability and transparency in complex supply chains.”

With regulations such as the UK Environment Act 2021 and the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), which will demand increased due diligence in forest risk commodities (including beef supply), traceability systems will become essential to ensure these supply chains are not contributing to illegal or unsustainable deforestation.

The project between Prime UK and iov42 is part of Blockchain Connected’s wider initiative, ‘Demonstrating the Potential of Blockchain’, which is funded by Welsh Government. The initiative looks to explore the capabilities of blockchain technology and provide real-world case studies of how it can be applied to provide social, economic, and environmental benefits in Wales and further afield.

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