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Adra Launches Tendra to Empower Small Construction Businesses in Gwynedd


Adra, a leading housing association based in Gwynedd, has unveiled its latest initiative aimed at fostering growth and development within the local construction sector.

Named “Tendra,” the innovative project has been supported by the ARFOR Challenge Fund, a joint venture by Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Gwynedd and Anglesey Councils to explore solutions strengthening the relationship between the Welsh language and the economy.

Recognising the challenges faced by small construction firms, particularly regarding administrative hurdles in application processes, Tendra aims to break down these barriers. With the strapline “Building the future, one tender at a time,” the project endeavours to empower small businesses, helping them navigate paperwork and gain confidence to bid for work, including larger contracts through platforms like Sell2Wales.

A launch event held at Tŷ Gwyrddfai in Penygroes, saw a turnout of more than 30 small business owners. Attendees seized the opportunity to gain insights, network with peers, and engage with Adra staff, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at driving collective growth.

Throughout 2024 Tendra will offer a series of free workshops tailored to the needs of small construction businesses. Covering essential topics such as understanding social value, pricing jobs effectively, prioritising health and safety, obtaining necessary accreditations, and developing a comprehensive training matrix, these workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a competitive industry landscape.

“We are thrilled to launch the Tendra initiative, which represents a significant step towards fostering inclusive growth and empowering small construction businesses in our community,” said Julie Stokes-Jones, Tŷ Gwyrddfai Business Manager who is leading on this initiative. “By providing practical support, resources, and networking opportunities, we aim to not only facilitate access to opportunities but also nurture the long-term sustainability and success of these businesses.”

For small business owners in the construction industry who wish to stay informed about upcoming workshops and events hosted by Tendra, registration of interest is now open. Email [email protected] to secure your spot.

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