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26 September 2023

Admiral Named “Best Overall” Workplace in Finance & Insurance

Financial Services Company, Admiral has been recognised as the “Best Overall” Super Large Workplace in Financial Services & Insurance by Great Place To Work® UK.

Great Place To Work® UK administered their research-backed Trust Index© employee survey and analysed the responses of UK-based financial services and insurance employees to determine the Best Workplaces™ list.

The surveys asked our colleagues to comment on how Admiral supports their work-life balance, sense of fulfilment, job satisfaction, psychological safety and financial security. Evaluations also included an assessment of how well Admiral was able to deliver consistency of their employee experience across all departments and seniority levels.

Admiral was named the 6th Best Overall Super Large Workplace (1,001+ employees) in the UK by the Great Place to Work ® Institute in April 2023. It was also named 14th Best Workplace for Wellbeing by the institute in February this year specifically for its approach to Wellbeing in the workplace.

Cristina Nestares, CEO, UK Insurance, said: 

 “At Admiral, we’re a company where you can. There are countless opportunities to be you, where you are accepted, supported, and most importantly, empowered to be yourself. We prioritise doing what’s right; for each other, for our customers and beyond. Our enabling environment is constantly developing and investing in you to reach your full potential. And as co-owners, you can influence and shape our future and make a difference. I'm so grateful to our dedicated colleagues for their continued commitment to creating a special environment that supports our people to flourish.”

Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place To Work® UK said:  

“Through our analysis of the 2023 UK’s Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance™ data it’s clear to see that overall the firms in this sector have overwhelmingly responded to their employees’ desires for learning and growth opportunities whilst also prioritising people’s wellbeing and job satisfaction alongside business performance.  It’s great to see so many examples of organisations making their workplaces truly ‘great’. A huge congratulations to Admiral for making one of our most prestigious lists.


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