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26 April 2023

Accessing Academic Expertise: A Transformative Experience for Industry

Bloci Carbon proudly teamed up with Glyndwr University to seek their expertise and to achieve a successful marketing strategy, to allow Bloci Carbon to help businesses and consumers offset their carbon emissions, storing the transaction on the blockchain.

In the second part of this feature, following on to hearing from Owen Dale, Business News Wales spoke with Idris Price, one of three founders of Bloci Carbon, about the details of the company, why he reached out to Owen at Glyndwr University, and why using Knowledge Transfer vouchers have been nothing but beneficial for them.


For more information on KT Vouchers, contact the Enterprise Team at WGU through

About Bloci Carbon

Bloci Carbon uses carbon offset from local Welsh farms and encourages improved land management through regenerative methods.

Matched by their award-winning blockchain technology, they can improve the control and transparency of the carbon offset available through carbon credit tokens.

Your contribution is re-invested in carbon reduction and biodiversity schemes by the landowner.

For more information about Bloci Carbon and all services they provide, visit:


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