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7 November 2023

£50M Investment for Cardiff Crossrail (Levelling Up Fund 2)

£50 million from the Levelling Up Fund has been provisionally allocated to Cardiff Council, in partnership with Transport for Wales, to improve public transport in the city. The funding will improve connectivity to and from the Cardiff Bay area.

Cardiff Crossrail improvements

The funding will support the first phase of Cardiff Crossrail – which will run from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay Train Station.

Projects planned for funding as part of phase 1 include:

  • a new tramline to connect Cardiff Central to the Cardiff Bay Line
  • a new platform at Cardiff Central Station
  • new rolling stock
  • a new platform at Cardiff Bay Station
  • public realm improvements between Cardiff Central and Cardiff Bay

Benefits to the local area

These projects will bring many benefits such as:

  • a more sustainable public transport network for Cardiff
  • additional employment opportunities
  • enhanced connectivity to the city centre
  • the creation of a vibrant place to live, work, invest and visit

The Cardiff Crossrail programme forms part of the wider South Wales Metro Project

Find out more about Levelling Up


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