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21 March 2023

You Can Now Venture into the Welsh Language

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St. David’s Day saw the announcement of a collaboration between Venture Graduates and Dysgu Cymraeg Caerdydd / Learn Welsh Cardiff to promote the use of the Welsh language in the workplace.

Since March 1st, we have been offering Venture graduates the opportunity to learn Welsh and gain valuable language skills that will enhance their careers – giving our graduate employees a valuable language skill, and helping preserve and promote  the Welsh language and culture.

This exciting offering will be added as part of our Career Accelerator Programme – with five levels of language ability catered for – so whether you’re a complete beginner or a fluent Welsh speaker who may have lost a bit of linguistic confidence, this learning pathway is for you!

Leanna Davies, our Venture Graduate Development Officer, is delighted to be offering this new dimension to the Career Accelerator Programme (CAP):

“We’re really excited to be adding this offering to the CAP as it's a great opportunity for people to learn Welsh and embrace a unique culture. We’re also very happy to be collaborating with Learn Welsh Cardiff to make the Welsh language more accessible to our graduates – and hopefully increase the use of the language in the region”

We believe that the Welsh language should be celebrated – and it’s never too late to learn something new – so we’re fully on board with supporting the Welsh Government’s ambitions of increasing the number of Welsh speakers.

And that’s why we’ll be inviting and encouraging ALL Venture Graduates to enrol with Learn Welsh Cardiff. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to grow both professionally and personally! Find out more (and browse our current job roles) here: Search Graduate Jobs – Venture (


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