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Wrexham Lager Expands with Tesco Partnership

Wrexham Lager celebrates its history with the listing of its 4% lager in Tesco stores across the country.

The family-owned brewery has released its first ever bottled draught at 4% which was on Tesco shelves across Wales from 16 May.

The listing is yet another milestone in Wrexham Lager’s rich history. Established in 1882, Wrexham Lager has been served on the Titanic and is the oldest lager brewery in the UK, becoming a major sponsor of Wrexham Football Club in the 1990s.

Jon Roberts, Director, Joss Roberts, Sales Manager James Piercy, Tesco Wrexham Extra Store Manager 2

The new bottles will feature the iconic sky-blue logo of Wrexham Lager for the first time in over 20 years, the same sky blue that champions Wrexham AFC used for their away kit this season.

The lager company brew their beverages to German purity laws meaning that no chemicals or enzymes are used to speed up the brewing process, and they have won six international awards for their products such as best beer from the UK in the Frankfurt Beer Trophy in 2020 and Best Beer in the UK at the Lyon France Beer Trophy in 2023.

Tesco Wales buyer Nathan Edwards said he was excited for the product to hit the shelves as he knows they will be a success with Tesco customers across Wales.

“Wrexham is a place with an abundance of history and culture, from Wrexham AFC to Wrexham Lager, it’s a city filled with stories, businesses and a real sense of community.” he said.

“As the oldest lager brewery in the UK, I am pleased and proud that we have added Wrexham lager to our range in Wales and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with this historic Welsh business.”

Wrexham Lager director, Vaughan Roberts said the expansion into Tesco was another step in the family’s mission to proudly produce award-winning Welsh lager for everyone to enjoy, anywhere.

“My family bought the company just over 10 years ago with the aim of brewing Wrexham lager to the original recipe using traditional methods in a state-of-the-art brewery,” he said.

“We wanted to bring back the prestige of this amazing lager and the story behind it. Wrexham has a lot of historic institutions and landmarks, and Wrexham Lager is one of the oldest.”

Wrexham Lager is just the latest new Welsh product to be launched by Tesco in Wales, with the supermarket’s Welsh-based buying team planning further product launches this year to further expand its industry-leading range of Welsh products in stores.

Wrexham Lager first met Tesco at the BlasCymru/Taste Wales event organised by the Welsh Government in 2021. The event takes place again in October this year at the ICCW Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.


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