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Where Did My Food Come from? Tracing Your Ingredients


The Grove of Narberth is a privately owned luxury hotel nestled in the heart of the rolling Pembrokeshire countryside with stunning views of the Preseli Hills. At the Grove you can be assured of the warmest Welsh welcome and a truly relaxing stay in real luxury combined with great food.

But one other thing that the hotel cares deeply about is sustainability. Neil Kedward, Proprietor of the hotel, chats to Business News Wales:

Regarding the importance of sustainability, Neil said:

“First and foremost, I think it’s good business. You’ve got to care about your people and you’ve got to care about your environment. I think that’s the basis of good business in modern times.”

He adds,

“Sustainability, Tourism and Hospitality go hand in hand. It’s really what our customers want!”

According to their website, Grove Narberth understand the importance of the traceability of ingredients in our kitchens, and say that they always try to make sure they come from sustainable sources. Neil explains:

“The number of artisan producers that have cropped up in Pembrokeshire in recent years is enormous and we have a responsibility to support them. We’re fortunate enough to actually meet with our suppliers.”

The chefs at the hotel are committed to using local food wherever possible and they're passionate about forming links with the best local food producers – including farmers, fishermen, butchers, artisan food producers, and other suppliers within a 50-mile radius of the Grove.

At the hotel, they also have a kitchen garden which gives us a plentiful supply of vegetables and herbs throughout the year. We now have 4 beehives on the grounds, and our very happy bees have helped us become self-sufficient for honey.

But that’s not the only way they stay sustainable at Grove Narberth!

They always looking for new ways to reduce our energy usage. At the hotel, they use energy-saving light bulbs across the hotel and have also installed solar panels to supply electricity to both the main house and cottages.

Most heating and hot water across the Grove is supplied by a 199kW Biomass Boiler.

At Grove Narberth, they have planted a substantial number of trees that provide a sustainable source of wood for [them] during the winter months.

At Grove Narberth, they recycle all of their glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard, and some of the cardboard is used for composting. They also compost all their garden and vegetable waste, which is then used in winter as a fertiliser to re-invigorate the soil.

To promote increased biodiversity, Grove Narberth have created a wildlife pond, hung bird boxes, planted wild meadows and trees. They have also retained ancient hedgerows to sustain the habitat of the many species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife spotted at the Grove.

Grove Narberth have certainly showed that they not only support local business but also, the environment and we commend them for that!