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Welsh Technology Business Opens Singapore Office


This November, Penarth-based business OpenGenius has officially cut the ribbon on a new office based in Singapore.

While OpenGenius’ global HQ is still the innovative Penarth-based work hub of Tec Marina, this global company already has a team in Poland and has now carved out a space in Asia with their new office in Singapore.

OpenGenius are the creators of the Ayoa app – a platform used by the world’s top thinkers to manage projects from start to finish. Ayoa already has a broad, varied global customer base and the company hopes this Singapore outlet will allow them to grow even bigger still.

Eric Cheong has been appointed CEO of OpenGenius’ Singapore office. Eric has more than twenty years experience in developing businesses, designing courseware and delivering training programmes to major corporations in Asia. He will work alongside Rosemary Phan, who will take on the role of Marketing Director.

Eric commented: 

“The Asia market is still at its infancy, they are new to cloud-based collaborative platforms. There may be a handful of task management tools and project management software apps, but users are struggling to change their current processes to suit the way the tools are rigidly designed. On the other hand, Ayoa is highly flexible, advocates visual thinking and nurtures creativity.  We have met with several high profile corporations in Asia and they immediately see the need to contain their ideas and work tasks into one common space.”

OpenGenius CEO, Chris Griffiths, added: 

“I’m thrilled to see our Singapore office open and ready for business. Singapore is a thriving, innovative country and it’s a great honour to see OpenGenius make up a part of the tech scene there. Eric and Rosemary both have a wealth of experience in the field, and I have no doubt they’ll be able to do amazing things for Ayoa in Asia. Watch this space.”