Welsh Company Wins Regional Barclays Entrepreneur Award 2019


Cardiff-based ‘Tech-for-Good’ SME, Do-IT Solutions Ltd., has won the Barclays Regional Social Entrepreneur Award 2019, at a ceremony held recently in Bristol.

Disrupting profiling software industry

As a ‘Tech-for-Good’ company, Do-IT Solutions are global leaders in neurodiversity profiling software development and the award recognises how the company is changing the profiling industry, the economy and society in unique, original and positive ways. Do-IT is entered into the Barclays National Entrepreneur Awards later this year.

CEO and one of the founders of Do-IT Solutions, Professor Amanda Kirby said:

“We are truly delighted to have won this regional award from Barclays for social entrepreneur as it represents for me, the hard work and commitment demonstrated by the amazing team of people I work with at Do-IT. They have a passion and belief in making a difference and ensuring that neurodiverse people can access support equitably and in an affordable manner”

Fuelled by the negative effects of social exclusion, Do-IT founders Kirby and Smythe, started off with a mission to identify neurodiverse conditions for people at the edges of society, and 10 years later, the company now develops bespoke tools and training for a diverse range of settings including apprenticeships, colleges, and the justice sector.

New product launch

Last month, Do-IT Solutions launched the first app of its kind, ND-App, to screen for traits associated with neurodiverse conditions such as Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), ADHD, Dyscalculia, Developmental Language Disorders and Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (also known as Dyspraxia).

On reviewing the app, Katy Samuels, Employment & Development Coordinator at Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru, said,

“The ND Profiler app is well designed and has excellent features. There is a good introduction and it is very user-friendly. Although it is not offering a diagnosis, it helps users to identify where they may be displaying traits of ND conditions. The charts are easy to understand, and the report is emailed to the user and can be used as a catalyst when going to a GP as a starting point.”

ND-App is available on iOS and Android for a one-off payment of £7.99 for a personalised report with useful strategies and recommendations. Additional ND-App tools due for release by Do-IT Solutions later in 2019 include Dyslexia+, ND-Profiler 5-11 and 12-16 for parents.

ND-App is developed by Do-IT Solutions Ltd., S.A.A.S. provider of accessible, computer-based screening and assessment tools for individuals, organisations and specialist providers. We are a Disability Confident Leader.