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Wales Week London 2022 Gets Set for Sixth Annual Event


Wales Week London, the largest annual programme of events promoting and celebrating Wales, kicks off this weekend

Around 90 different activities and events are taking place in London up to 9 March.

Held for around a fortnight over the period of St David’s Day each year, 2022 is the sixth successive annual programme, and includes events covering business, social enterprise, life sciences and tech, architecture, art, music, film, government and international relations, sport, food and drink, celebrity interviews, entertainment and more.

The 2022 Wales Week London programme builds on the success of the last five years, where a multitude of Welsh celebrities, businesses, sports, food and arts organisations contributed to showcasing Wales to a collective audience in 2020 alone (the last year when there were face-to-face activities) of nearly 14,000, covering 135 events and more than 60 different venues across London.

Following a wholly online programme of events held in 2021 due to covid, this year Wales Week London events are once again being held face-to-face.

Co-founder and Chair of the Wales Week initiative, Dan Langford is pleased that the programme is once again “back out” and will have a physical presence across the city. He said: “We were delighted that during lockdown last year, our partners and event organisers were still determined to run events and keep the Wales Week momentum building, albeit on-line only; their enthusiasm for continuing to be a part of Wales Week and their ongoing contribution is just incredible, and fundamental to the initiative’s enduring success in showcasing the best of Wales.

“We had nearly 70 events then, and this year the programme has grown again to some 90 events, which is great news. Together we’ll be back making some fantastic Welsh noise across one of the world’s leading cities.”

As well as collaborating with many business, arts and sports organisations, the event programme, the largest such programme of celebratory and promotional events for Wales each year, also works closely with Welsh diaspora groups in London and both the UK Government, principally through the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales, and the Welsh Government.

Langford continue:, “Wales Week is very much about partnerships. We attract and coalesce the goodwill, imagination and energy of so many wonderful people and organisations under one Wales Week banner, through which we promote them, their brands, their activities, and together generate a huge amount of Welsh noise.

“This drives our purpose of commemorating our national day, celebrating Welsh culture and heritage, and promoting a modern Wales to the rest of the world.”

The programme of events can be found at