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22 August 2022

Vodafone Improves 4G Coverage in Harlech and Abergele

With the Summer Bank Holiday around the corner, Vodafone has improved its 4G mobile coverage in Harlech and Abergele so staycation-ers arriving for the weekend, as well as residents and local businesses, can make the most of faster data speeds and more reliable calls.

The upgrade is part of Vodafone’s ongoing network modernisation programme to improve 4G and bring 5G to more customers around the UK.

Known as tourist hotspots, Vodafone’s upgrade in Harlech and Abergele means customers in the areas can enjoy even more reliable 4G mobile data. For families on the move, it is perfect for checking directions and streaming to keep the kids entertained. Photo fans can seamlessly share snaps on social media and, with the rise of ‘working from phone’, those joining calls can rely on better audio quality by using Vodafone’s 4G Calling (also known as Voice Over LTE or VoLTE) as well as a reliable connection for emails.

Andrea Dona, Network and Development Director at Vodafone UK, said:

“We know as people travel over the summer our network is busier in areas like Conwy, especially with more people choosing to holiday in the UK. To make sure our customers get the best possible experience, we have prioritised adding the latest 4G technology to the area to ensure visitors, local residents and businesses can enjoy a reliable connection.

“While we continue to roll out 5G, our on-going investment in 4G technology is just as important to make sure we leave no-one behind.”

With 4G still accounting for the majority of data consumption for consumers and customers across the UK, Vodafone’s on-going investments in the 4G network are critical to ensure everyone and anyone can enjoy the benefits of digital. As a result of the network upgrades in staycation locations sites are now able to carry 50% more data to ensure more people can connect at the same time, while average download speeds more than doubled and reliability of phone calls was improved by 10%.

The current network upgrade programme will see the retirement of the old 3G network in 2023, with coverage replaced by strengthened 4G and 5G services, so customers can access a more reliable connection in more parts of the country.


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