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Vodafone First to Switch on 5G in Cardiff


Vodafone is the first company to switch on 5G in Cardiff as part of its UK-wide trial of the new, faster mobile technology.

Using a 5G router, they are now streaming videos, games and Internet content at high speed across our 5G mobile network near the Principality Stadium and Cardiff Arms Park. With the arrival of 5G mobile handsets later this year, spectators close to the stadiums can stream other matches taking place elsewhere on their mobile phones.

They are also increasing the number of 5G sites in Cardiff over the next few months to ensure more residents and business can benefit from this latest technology, which gives mobile speeds of up to four times faster than 4G.

In addition to video streaming, 5G will enable customers to load web pages within the blink of an eye and watch content without the need to download it first from the home or office WiF. 4K gaming on the move and 3D holographic calls – a technology we have already successfully tested – are also possible with 5G.

Vodafone is testing the new technology prior to the arrival of compatible handsets and devices later this year. All sites are connected to our multi-billion-pound single optical fibre converged network, which is already providing customers in the city with fast 4G mobile, home broadband, Internet of Things (IoT) technology and business services.

Vodafone UK’s Chief Technology Officer, Scott Petty said:

“Our 5G network will allow anyone with a 5G phone to access a web page instantly or stream a video in a matter of seconds. You won’t have to spend time hunting for a reliable WiFi connection on match days in Cardiff.”