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UK Hacking Hotspots


Martyn McGrath, Director at CyberLaw, gives his views on a recent story published within the UK relating to the locations where you are most likely to get hacked.

Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly strategic in the sense of individuals and businesses that they are targeting for attacks.

A new report states that those who live in major cities, with London and Birmingham residents most at risk.

According to Barclays’ UK Digital Safety Index survey one in four people have been victims of cyber-fraud or scams in the past three years.

Eighteen to 25-year-olds are twice as likely to be tricked than the over 65s which puts to bed the notion that older people are more at risk of being ‘duped’ by cyber criminals.

There were 5.6 million cases of cyber fraud in the UK alone in 2016 according to the survey which looked at 6,000 adults.

Astonishingly, 17 per cent of people who have been victims of fraud do not take any action to change passwords or boost their defences to stop it happening again.

The report details that 28 per cent of London residents and the same proportion of people who live in Bristol have experienced at least one type of cyber intrusion, where the target’s details have been compromised and the perpetrator has completed the transaction.

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