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28 March 2024

The Rise of Compliance in Residential High Rise Buildings

In this latest Business News Wales interview, we spoke with Alison Orrells, CEO and Managing Director at The Safety Letterbox Company about the latest innovations and inner workings at the Neath based company – and with 38 years of industry expertise, the UK's leading mailbox and parcel box manufacturer unveils its latest innovation: the Secure Information Box.

Developed in response to evolving legislation and safety requirements post-Grenfell, this box is designed to securely store vital information for firefighters during emergencies. The box, compliant with Fire Safety Regulations and the Building Safety Act, is mandated for existing buildings over 18m and new constructions over 11m in England. Featuring rigorous certification and testing, including adherence to assets 205BR standards, it ensures the protection of crucial documents.

Available for both domestic and international markets, each box bears certification and offers full after-sales support. Proudly manufactured in Wales, this product exemplifies the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, reinforcing its position as a trusted industry leader dedicated to providing the highest standards of safety and compliance.


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