The Marine Group Expands its Dredging Capabilities


The Marine Group’s Harbour Management Division has expanded its dredging capabilities with the recent completion of their bespoke built water injection dredger, CMS Seaka.

Following the deployment of CMS Innovation, The Marine Group has invested in the development of a more powerful machine that adopts the same environmentally-friendly water injection technology.

The Marine Group purchased CMS Seaka as a multicat in 2018, which was then comprehensively redesigned by OSD-IMT and rebuilt by the original builders, GRA ltd, and our own in-house team of engineers, Cardiff Diesel Services. The new design will allow the team to dredge more efficiently and in higher volumes than previous operations.

The commission of Seaka is part of The Marine Group’s ongoing commitment to the evolution and development of Burry Port Marina.

CMS Seaka will accelerate the process of taking Burry Port from a forgotten sailing destination back to its rightful status as the jewel of the Carmarthenshire coast, the Marine Group says.

While not working on The Marine Group’s numerous marinas around Wales, Seaka will be able to provide cost effective solutions for dredging to customers all over the country.

Seaka is transported to site via road in one piece, allowing the team to start work within 30 minutes of being in the water. The size of Seaka will allow marinas and ports to remain fully operational while dredging is undertaken.

Reaching a maximum depth of 8.5m, Seaka will be the one of the most efficient water injection dredgers in the country, and ideal for marinas and smaller ports where traditional dredging is un- economic.

Director of Operations Rob Freemantle said “Seaka was designed and built to keep small harbours and marinas viable with a cost-effective dredging solution.”

The Marine Group says that its investment in CMS Seaka highlights the business’ commitment to growing its Harbour Management Division and that, while adopting an environmentally friendly approach by pioneering water injection technology, it is also supporting its commitment to the environment.

The business is also now providing hydrographic surveying and harbour management consultancy services.