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The Latest Mortgage and Landlord Possession Statistics


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The latest set of mortgage and landlord possession statistics are now available, and they cover the period July – September 2019.

Mortgage possession claims

The highest rate of mortgage possession claims is in Merthyr Tydfil, with 28 in 100,000 households being repossessed.

Blackpool had the highest number of actual mortgage repossessions with 15 taking place in the quarter covering July-September 2019.

Mortgage repossessions have in fact increased across the board for five consecutive quarters.

  • Mortgage possession claims have 42% increase
  • Mortgage orders for possession 31% increase
  • Warrants 35% increase
  • Repossessions 29% increase

Mortgage possession claims are being driven by a single mortgage provider, but they are not named in the report.

Repossessions by county court bailiffs had been falling from a high of 9,284 in January to March 2009, to 934 in July to September 2018. From the period July to September 2019, repossessions increased to 1,205, an increase of 29% compared to the same period in 2018.

Landlord possession claims

London continues to see the highest number of landlord possessions with London boroughs accounting for six out of ten of the highest rate of landlord claims. Barking and Dagenham received the highest number of landlord repossessions with 104 per 100,000 households.

The full report from the government can be viewed here.

If you’re a landlord who has experienced or is experiencing lengthy waiting times for county court bailiffs to carry out an eviction on your behalf, then you will understand the financial implications of the delays.

What does the High Court route to possession entail?

High Court possession means you can take possession of your property quickly. You’ll need to apply for leave to transfer your judgement up to the High Court for enforcement under Section 42 of the County Court Act for enforcement by a HCEO under a writ of possession.

Find out more about property and land services for residential landlords here.