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Software Helps Employers to Fight the War for Talent


Employers are revolutionising their recruitment and workforce planning to gain competitive edge in the war for talent by using an award-winning talent intelligence software tool that combines workforce and workplace data in one place.

Global brands including BP, EY and global medical technology company Stryker are just some of the companies that are using Cardiff developed Stratigens. Built by experts in talent intelligence, the unique software combines labour market, economics and location data by gathering millions of data points on skills in more than 550 cities across more than 200 different countries. The latest version of the software combines data from over 2,000 different sources before turning it into intelligence and insights that can be used to inform strategic business decisions like the opening of new offices and better understand key drivers including availability of talent and competitor recruitment.

Alison Ettridge is Chief Believer and CEO at Stratigens. She said:

“Human capital has clearly been proven as the driver of long-term business value, yet business strategy and people strategy are still disconnected, with the latter being too dependent on consultancy and opinion rather than being informed by data.

“Recent macro-factors including remote working and AI have made it harder than ever to find talent. Companies need to know they have the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost if they want to avoid bad workforce planning. Stratigens puts global workforce and global workplace data at the heart of corporate strategy, empowering business leaders to make radically smarter decisions and therefore de-risking their hiring and workforce planning strategies by providing data that was previously expensive, piecemeal and static. It also helps to inform diversity ambitions and drive hiring activity to meet EDI objectives.

“Our mission is to help companies join the dots between workforce and workplace so that they make decisions that are data-led, fast and cost effective. Developed in conjunction with our clients, the latest version of Stratigens provides the most global coverage of any labour market analytics software available. The world of work is changing at an incredible pace and the war for talent isn’t going away anytime soon hence the demand for our award-winning talent intelligence software tool continues to grow.”

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