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Review of British Tourist Authority Underway

The British Tourist Authority (BTA) is undergoing an independent review to ensure the organisation is efficiently and effectively supporting the development of Great Britain’s tourism industry.

The review is looking at how the operator of national tourist boards VisitEngland and VisitBritain support places across Great Britain to develop and market high-quality tourist offerings, create jobs in the sector and boost the economy.

The review is part of a larger, annual cross-government assessment programme launched by the Cabinet Office in 2022 to continuously evaluate if public organisations are meeting their objectives and effectively delivering results for taxpayers.

Emir Feisal, Non-Executive Director at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, and Chair of Audit & Risk Committee, has been selected to act as the independent Lead Reviewer. He is supported by officials from the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

The review team is engaging with a broad range of stakeholders in the tourism sector, operating across the UK.

Tourism Minister John Whittingdale said:

Tourism showcases the best that Britain has to offer, our rich culture, heritage and natural beauty. It accounts for over four million jobs across the UK and remains a strong driver of growth, contributing hundreds of billions of pounds to the economy every year.

As tourism continues to recover after the pandemic, it is only right that there is an independent health check of the British Tourist Authority to recognise areas of success and where we can improve to realise the industry’s full potential.

Recommendations outlined in the final report will be published once the review is complete.


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