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1 February 2024

Put Two and Two Together by Upskilling Your Finance Team

Accountancy is at the heart of every organisation, no matter what sector. It is what keeps a business legally compliant, within budget and profitable. With that in mind, upskilling your current accountancy staff to ensure they progress and their knowledge is up to date is key to your business’ ongoing success.

Whether you’re a financial firm looking to bring new talent into the sector or a business keen to boost your finance team’s skillset – ACT Training has fully- funded training options to suit you.

ACT offers work-based apprenticeships in three levels of Accountancy from Level 2 to Level 4. The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) diplomas are fully flexible meaning that employees can work at gaining their qualification while in their current role. At entry level, learners will study core topics such as bookkeeping and costing, while those undertaking Level 4 (designed for learners already established in an accountancy role) will be interpreting and drafting financial statements as well as exploring internal accounting systems and controls.

Courses are fully funded by the Welsh Government and give learners the chance to build of their existing knowledge and skills as well as learning new ones.

ACT currently works with employers across all sectors throughout Wales including The British Heart Foundation, The Celtic Manor Resort, NHS Health Boards, Welsh Ambulance Service and Cardiff University.

Find out more about what ACT can offer you and your workforce here.

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