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Prioritising Employee Wellbeing to Retain Top Talent


Prioritising employee wellbeing is crucial for retaining top talent. When employees feel that their wellbeing is a priority, they are likely to be more productive, continue to contribute to the success of the business and ultimately, progress their career in the same workplace.

Anthony Priest, Founder and Global Lead for Workplace Health & Wellbeing at Orka Wellbeing, chatted to Business News Wales about his professional career journey and how he gained a passion for supporting local communities and people in the workplace, why he feels businesses simply need to implement a long-term wellbeing strategy and what his advice would be for those struggling with their mental health.

About Orka Wellbeing 

Everyone deserves to work for a good employer – one that supports people to lead a happy, fulfilled and productive life. But we also know it can be difficult to develop a staff wellbeing approach that makes a real difference and feels authentic employees.

Anthony has worked with some amazing organisations and businesses in over 15 years in the workplace wellbeing sector that are either just starting out on their journey or want to take things to the next level. Whether it is high quality evidence based training, achieving nationally recognised accreditation, conducting a staff wellbeing survey or developing a tailored staff wellbeing strategy, Anthony and the team at Orka Wellbeing are here to help you and deliver on what you need as an innovative and forward-thinking business.

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