Pembrokeshire Council Presents Vision for Pembroke’s South Quay


A new image for Pembroke’s South Quay was the order of the day at Pembroke Town Hall recently as Pembrokeshire County Council presented its Regeneration Team to the local people.

With the purpose of capturing ideas and views of those in attendance, as well as presenting some principal proposals for South Quay, it was an open forum for discussion and debate with those in attendance.

Rachel Moxey, Head of Regeneration, said:

The event was successful with around 60 people attending. We encouraged open discussions for people to air their concerns and ideas, the intention being for us to try, through design, to include what local people want to see.  We are keen as far as possible to get local buy-in.’

Rachel continued, ‘Feedback varied but in general, people are keen to see the heritage aspects of the site maximised in terms of interpretation. There were also a number of comments by locals about other sites for potential development. We are focussed on this initial investment in South Quay as presenting evidence of the Council’s renewed commitment to Pembroke, whereby an increased confidence can lead to further developments and investment.

Pembrokeshire County Council has recently appointed Faithful & Gould and Darnton B3 to lead on the development and design aspects of the improvements to South Quay. The team boast significant regeneration experience, particularly in the context of historic buildings for which the Pembroke Castle and heritage improvements will prove vital.

In a move similar to that of Haverfordwest’s regeneration programme, Pembroke plans seek to connect the town’s castle with buildings immediately surrounding, supporting the development of heritage assets alongside potential residential and commercial development

Consistent with the overall aims of Pembrokeshire’s overarching Regeneration programme, the plans seek to transform Pembroke into a vibrant destination town that incorporates heritage, homes, and leisure and work opportunities, building upon Pembrokeshire’s significant historical and cultural importance.

With further events planned for both Pembroke and Haverfordwest Town developments, publicised through both press and social media channels, PCC are determined that the regeneration of Pembrokeshire will be a collaborative process that reconnects the County and builds better, lasting working relationships

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