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29 March 2023

Partnership Announced to Launch Dedicated Digital Technology Degree Apprenticeship Scheme

A pioneering tech company headquartered in Langstone, has formed a new and exciting partnership with the University of South Wales to deliver an innovative Degree Apprenticeship Scheme for young people across South Wales aspiring to develop a career in digital technology.

Officially launched in 2021, de Novo Solutions is a specialist SME digital technology consultancy which has honed a niche in the experience economy by ‘re-imaging the world of work’ through the delivery of data driven personalised experiences over standardised business processes using Oracle SaaS Cloud and ServiceNow technologies.

In partnering with the University of South Wales, de Novo Solutions is committed to offering young people the opportunity to ‘learn while they earn’ through an exciting degree apprenticeship scheme, which will provide them with a comprehensive introduction to technology consulting – ranging from insight into the latest technology and ‘the experience economy’, through to the use the understanding of analytics and back-office enterprise business systems.

Alongside their work experience with the de Novo Solutions team, the Apprentices will also be able to secure a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions, enabling them to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to succeed and develop in the workplace.

Discussing the introduction of the new Digital Technology Apprenticeship Scheme, Mark Sweeny, Founder and CEO of de Novo Solutions, said:

“We founded de Novo Solutions with a clear vision to disrupt traditional digital consultancy and hone a niche in the experience economy.

We believe that as part of our growth and development over the coming years – particularly in South Wales – it’s important to aid the training and development of young, aspiring tech professionals within the local community, who will not only gain valuable insight into the tech sector from our senior leadership team but will also have the opportunity to make a real difference in building the de Novo brand; all while obtaining a valuable university degree!

We are, therefore, incredibly excited to announce our partnership with the University of South Wales and look forward to welcoming our new Degree Apprentices to the business from this September.”

Speaking on the announcement, Louise Hawker, Professional Academy Manager, University of South Wales stated:

“The University of South Wales is excited to be partnering with de Novo Solutions on offering Digital Degree Apprenticeship opportunities aimed at attracting existing young talent within South Wales to develop an exciting career in the tech sector. The Apprentices will combine work-based learning at de Novo Solutions whilst studying a BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions Degree at USW, enabling them to earn while they learn.”

The only tech business to combine expertise in ServiceNow and Oracle Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] cloud technologies, de Novo Solutions is dedicated to adding significant value to the private and public sector, and already works with organisations across Central and Local Government and Secondary Education.

Fully funded by the Welsh Government, the degree apprenticeship scheme enables apprentices to split their time between university study and the workplace, providing students with the opportunity to earn a salary while gaining a full bachelor’s degree.

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