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Part-time Jobs Plummet by Almost 70%


Part-time employment in the UK has fallen at its fastest rate in over eight years amid growing evidence that the UK could start to enter a recession as the economy slows.

The downturn marks a 69.4% loss in part-time vacancies in 11 weeks according to the latest research by job search engine

The downturn is likely to disproportionately affect lower-income workers across the country, with the average part-time wages significantly lower than full-time wages when calculated by the hour (-22%). The shift in part-time vacancies is likely to unfairly impact women, who make up just under three-quarters of part-time employees in the UK. Working parents and disabled employees are also likely to be affected as they balance personal responsibilities with a stable income.

Part-time jobs only make up 0.9% of the jobs available in the UK, however, demand for part-time and temp jobs is still rife across the UK. Searches for ‘tutor jobs’ have increased by 235% month on month, as the UK workers look for an additional source of income while in lock-down. Amazon delivery drivers have also seen a notable surge in interest (+650%) month on month as online sales continue to grow amid lock-down. Tesco drivers also see notable uplift, rising by 125% month on month, as the public opts for online deliveries. Interest in ‘part-time NHS’ positions has grown by 26% as calls for key workers continues.

The highest proportion of part-time work can be found in healthcare and nursing, social work jobs, teaching, logistics and warehouse, IT and cleaning industries. The top hiring companies include Shaw Healthcare and MacIntyre Hudson, who are looking for support workers and care assistants, Rowlands Pharmacy, who are looking for pharmacy assistants and delivery drivers and Ipsos MORI, who are looking for part-time market researchers.

The biggest job market casualties – 6th May 2020

The UK has lost 57% of vacancies in the past 11 weeks. Hospitality, energy, graduate, property and trade & construction are among the worst affected industries in the UK in May. Hospitality and catering is the biggest casualty in the job market, losing 83% of all advertised vacancies after pubs, bars, and restaurants were forced to close seven weeks ago. The global outlook for hospitality jobs is stark but less severe with a 65% drop in 11 weeks, as European countries such as Italy and Germany start to ease lock-down measures.

Graduate positions have fallen by 76% in 11 weeks, losing 11,278 advertised positions. This follows a recent YouGov survey that found that almost two-thirds of university students (63%) approaching graduation have had their applications paused or withdrawn because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trade and Construction jobs have also felt the strain with a 72% drop in advertised vacancies in 11 weeks, losing 32,865 jobs. Build UK and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association called for ministers to provide additional support to the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic as restrictions in movement have caused many sites to close.  Travel jobs have fallen by 60% over the same period of time. The news comes after British Airways announce 12,000 potential redundancies in the following months.

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, comments;

‘The drop in part-time vacancies is alarming and will spark concern for many workers across the UK, who will rely on part-time work to manage their family or other personal commitments while receiving a stable income. The downfall in vacancies is reflective of the economic uncertainty felt across the UK right now as we continue into our seventh week of lock-down.

However, we are starting to see vacancies in countries such as Italy and Germany make a slow but notable recovery this week as lock-down restrictions ease, so we hope to see similar improvements in the UK if regulations ease in the following months’.