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New Interactive Map Launched for Rail Travellers

Lansio Map Rhyngweithiol Newydd i Deithwyr Trenau yng Nghymru



A brand new live digital map has been launched showing customers exactly where their train is at any given time.

The map shows the location of every train on the TfW network, allowing customers to view their journey in real time and see the expected arrival time at each station on its route.

Transport for Wales have partnered with rail technology innovator,Signalbox to offer the interactive map which can detect the train smartphone users are on, share your live arrival time with friends and family or search for any other train.

Customer Information Strategy Manager for TfW, Teleri Evans, said the rail operator is “passionate” about using new technology to improve customer experience.

She said:

“We know our customers want the latest information made available to them while travelling to feel confident that they know what’s going on.

“Whether you’re sat on a train and want to get your bearings or are waiting at a station and wondering where your train is, the right information really can give you peace of mind.

“This fantastic live digital map shows exactly where you are and also any other trains you might be looking to connect to.”

Signalbox uses live data to estimate the location of trains as they pass key points on the tracks. And later this year the technology will incorporate GPS data from trains to provide an even more accurate picture of where the train is.

Each train is colour coded depending on whether it is running on time, slightly delayed or delayed by more than 10 minutes. You can also see what that delay might mean for arrival times at stations further down the line.

Toby Webb, Founder of Signalbox said: 

“We know that travellers are reassured by seeing the progress of their journey in real time on a map, and find it useful to share with friends and family.

“Until now, rail has lagged behind other industries in offering interactive live maps for its passengers. So it’s been exciting to work with Transport for Wales to deliver this new tool that incorporates the best bits of Signalbox technology to detect, map and share trains in Wales.”

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