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Mental Health Champion Group Formed


Training provider Cambrian Training has formed a Mental Health Champion Group to offer support and share information with their staff.

Results from an internal staff survey showed adjustment back into work post-covid had affected members mental health and wellbeing.

To tackle this important issue, a strategy was put in place to invest in training and policy.

The main goals were to increase awareness amongst staff and reduce the taboo attached to discussing mental health and the impact it can have on work performance.

Having someone to listen to how you are feeling and are there to reassure you that you are not alone can be really helpful.

A number of staff undertook specialist training to become mental health first aiders, which then led to a champion group being formed.

Jackie, one of Cambrian’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions

One of Cambrian’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions Jackie said:

“With mental health you cannot see it, it's not like a broken arm when you can see the damage done. We need to be mindful in our approach that it may not always be obvious that people are struggling.

Having the chance to be a Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion means I can help others both professionally and personally to get the support they need quickly.”

The champions share information, plan activities and events for all staff which included a recent Tea and Talk Day. These activities and events help to bring staff together in this new hybrid world.

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