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19 June 2024

Management Challenge Event Breaks Fundraising Record

Corporate teams took part in a management challenge which raised more than £70,000 for charity – the highest total in the event’s history.

Based out of Raquety Farm, Hay-on-Wye, the Dell Technologies Management Challenge saw teams mountain bike, hike and run through the Brecon Beacons National Park while testing their map reading, communication and team working skills.

The adventure challenge also saw them canoe across Llangorse Lake and put their minds to the test with a series of logic puzzles.

Guest speaker, endurance athlete and adventurer Sean Conway inspired participants ahead of the challenge kick off. He shared his words of wisdom and tales of triumph and set-backs across his challenges in securing his world records in achieving a world ‘first’, ‘furthest’, ‘fastest’ and ‘most’ titles.

Corporate teams of six and seven took part in the adventure race as a means to optimise management and team performance whilst delivering positive charitable outcomes and the opportunity to network with other organisations.

They raised £70,184 for this year’s charity partner, the Motor Neurone Disease Association – a record amount for the event.

Dell’s team, Dragon’s Breath Brigade, won the fundraising award for raising £6,750 between them, and they were also crowned the winners of the weekend, completing the challenge in the fastest time.

The Equinix Explorers took the Spirit Award for their team working and optimistic, inclusive and enthusiastic approach to the event. They also won the Rugged Laptop Competition for their photo with the piece of equipment.

Team Insight were the social media competition winners for their post on LinkedIn picturing them channelling their inner Sean Conway complete with tubs of cream and frozen pizzas – some of the food items the speaker had mentioned eating throughout his challenges.

Matt Newman, Chief Executive at event organisers Run 4 Wales, said: “It was another fantastic couple of days spending time in the heart of the Brecon Beacons at the Dell Technologies Management Challenge. A huge congratulations to all the teams that took part and pushed themselves to complete the two-day adventure race and a thank you to our sponsors Dell Technologies, LinkedIn, Brecon Carreg, High5 and the Motor Neurone Disease Association as well as all those who worked hard behind the scenes on the race and event day management to ensure its success.”

2024 Dell Technologies Management Challenge Results:

  1. Dragons Breath Brigade – 3:44:07
  2. LinkedIn Legends – 4:16:01
  3. The Closing Crew – 4:16:01
  4. Severn Wonderers of Wales – 4:55:51
  5. Boxxe Beasts – 5:07:12
  6. SoftCat – 5:14:45
  7. Ctrl+Alt+Elite – 5:22:54
  8. Artificial InDELLingence – 5:22:59
  9. The Invincibles – 5:53:22
  10. The Dell Avengers – 5:56:15
  11. Call of (Dell) Duty – 6:30:44
  12. The Equinix Explorers – 6:32:20
  13. CDWarriors – 7:09:04
  14. Dell Tech Titans – 7:27:47
  15. Worst Pace Scenario – 8:10:41
  16. Computacenter – 8:18:02
  17. Insight – 8:21:52
  18. Computacenter Rack Pack – 8:52:05
  19. Sbereal – 9:12:25
  20. Ctrl+Alt+Defeat – 11:19:32


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